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Westminster City Council – All they wanna do is take your money

June 18, 2009

We all know very well that Westminster City Council (WCC) are only interested in money, money, money and more money. Whatever money they can grab from the public, they make sure that they get it. The best example is the recently introduced motorcycle parking tax, where WCC started to charge motorcyclists to park their bike in August 2008. The reason they gave us was that they needed the money to fund the cost of providing additional motorcycle parking throughout the borough. Yeah right, today, at the time of writing, motorcyclists either resident in Westminster or visitors still have to squeeze their bikes into minuscule spaces in the middle of packed parking bays. The council also advised that they would provide security devices to attach the bikes to, but where are they these security devices? Probably in Danny Chalkley’s imagination, the Conservative councillor in charge of the bike parking tax. The bike parking bays are in exactly the same conditions now as when their use was free of charge. If this parking tax is not a rip-off, then what is it?

The council has made millions of pounds out of this unjustified tax and not a penny of the money collected seems to have been reinvested into motorcycle parking, at the time of writing. A freedom of information request has recently been put in to the council to establish what they are doing with all this dosh. You can see the FOI request here.

When the French thought about introducing a similar bike parking tax in Paris a few years ago, it took them less than a week to abandon the idea!

Anyway, a few campaigners opposed to the motorcycle parking tax have prepared an excellent video that we let you watch… It’s all about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY that best describes Westminster City Council. Enjoy!


1st July 2009 – Please join the demonstration and say NO to the bike parking tax in Westminster! For further details, visit

1er Juillet 2009 – Assistez a la manifestation pour protester contre le stationnement payant des deux-roues a Westminster. Pour plus d’informations, consultez


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