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Cllr Susie Burbridge’s French findings

June 18, 2009

We thought we would publish a few quotes from Conservative Councillor Susie Burbridge of Westminster City Council that really chocked us and show how much, in our opinion, anti-bikers (and possibly anti-French) she is (hold your breath before you read on!):-

“To my mind, your notice is not a warning I see it as a threat.
Bully-boy tactics until you get your own way. A common symptom of the male species.”

“Who ever said going green would be free. Motorbikes as other vehicles with engines cause pollution, take up road space, have a cost implication, pro rata I believe a higher level of accidents also in town. Being environmentally friendly would be to encourage motorbikers to use more public transport.”

“Motorcycles, even small ones, pollute more than Hummers”.

“There has been nothing said to change my reasoning for the present charge.”

Not only she seems to be sexist (“a common symptom of male species”) by implying that bikers are all naughty and nasty males but also she is saying that motorcyclists should switch to public transport in a view to be more environmentally friendly. As if buses and trains polluted less than bikes and took up less space! You now see what Westminster City Council is trying to achieve by stealth taxing motorcyclists to park their bike! This council, heavily influenced by the views of sexist Cllr Susie Burbridge, is going against every other UK authority for which the policy is to encourage the use of bikes as a more convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transport. Conservative Cllr Susie Burbridge seems to be unaware of what Boris Johnson (London Mayor and of the same political party as her) has recently said: ““we will support local authorities who provide more free on-street and off-street parking for motorcycles and mopeds”.

Susie made her statement “motorcycles, even small ones, pollute more than Hummers” in the council’s scrutiny committee meeting held on 31st March 2009. She said she pulled the information off the Internet where she found a copy of a French report written in Paris. When she was asked to provide a copy of that report, she ignored all requests and could not provide a copy or the link to the website where she found this non-sense piece of information. A Freedom of Information request was subsequently put in to Westminster City Council to obtain a copy of the report in question and the council advised that they did not have a copy and could not substantiate Susie’s statement. Here is the link to the FOI request and below is the official response from the council’s scrutiny officer:-

 “I have discussed the matter with Councillor Burbridge and she has advised me that she does not recall the title of the document in question or the website address from which she obtained it. She has informed me that she found the information upon undertaking a ‘google’ search on motorcycles and pollution. I regret that there is no information that she can usefully give you and that the Council does not hold the information.”

Cllr Burbridge’s e-mail is in case you would like to let her know what you think of her statements.


1st July 2009 – Please join the demonstration and say NO to the bike parking tax in Westminster! For further details, visit

1er Juillet 2009 – Assistez a la manifestation pour protester contre le stationnement payant des deux-roues a Westminster. Pour plus d’informations, consultez


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