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Let’s count the pounds and the euros

June 26, 2009

In an earlier post, we tried to understand Westminster City Council’s definition of the term “footway” and came to the conclusion that it meant something different, depending on the day, time, Mr Goad’s mood and circumtances of the parking situation. In other words, we believe that the council manipulates the definition of the term in such a way to make the motorcyclist or motorist concerned faulty and liable to a penalty charge, also known as parking ticket.

Assuming that either the motorcyclist is truly liable for the charge or accepts to be screwed up by the council’s parking services, with the use of their very well known dirty tricks and tactics, let’s examine the differences between a PCN (“Penalty Charge Notice”) issued in Westminster and its equivalent issued in Paris, known as PV (“Proces Verbal”).

Penalty fare

In Westminster, parking your vehicle on the footway or whatever piece of land the council considers footway on that particular day and time, will cost you £120 unless you pay within 14 days, in which case you “only” pay £60. Below is a photograph of the PCN that was issued to the bike parked on the so called footway, footpath with one or more wheels or any part of a road other than a carriageway, oh well, whatever Westminster call it. The photograph shows the fares payable in relation to this particular contravention.


In Paris, the same parking contravention will cost you €35… yes you have read the number correctly, ONLY €35, that is £30.17 at today’s exchange rate of €1.16 for the pound. We feel we should quickly explain the calculation performed to translate the euro fare into pounds, as some councillors and employees of Westminster City Council have recently proved not to be proficient in basic maths. So €35 devided by the exchange rate of 1.16 equals to £30.17. Should we also explain how to use a calculator to get to the £30.17? hmm… Anyway, it appears that the penalty charge payable in the French capital is almost 50% cheaper than its equivalent in Westminster, if paid within 14 days of the contravention’s date.

If you are late paying the fine, a bit like Westminster Council are late answering a few of their Freedom of Information requests, then the fare goes up to €75, yes ONLY €75, which at today’s exchange rate of 1.16, gives us a sterling equivalent of £64.66, which is not much more than the Westminster’s initial fare of £60 if you pay within 14 days really! Oh, and could the difference of £4.66 represent the cost of two cups of Starbucks coffee, Susie Burbridge?

We let you draw your own conclusions but, as far as we are concerned, we have demonstrated that, once again, all what Westminster City Council wanna do is suck as much of your money as they possibly can! And where is all this money going? Answer on a post card!


1st July 2009 – Please join the demonstration and say NO to the bike parking tax in Westminster! For further details, visit

1er Juillet 2009 – Assistez a la manifestation pour protester contre le stationnement payant des deux-roues a Westminster! Pour de plus amples informations, consultez


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