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16th August 2009 – Thousands of motorcyclists descend on Westminster City Council to launch the legal fight!

August 16, 2009

Westminster today has been the scene of another enormous demonstration against the bike parking tax, introduced by Conservative Councillor Danny Chalkley in August 2008. Thousands of motorcyclists, and their supporters, gathered in Golden Square (London, W1) at 12 noon to listen to a briefing given by Warren Djanogly (chairman of the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign), who explained the reasoning behind the legal fight that has officially been declared against Westminster City Council today. The chairman of the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) also explained the reasons why her organisation, composed of over 92,000 members from all over the United Kingdom, has been supporting the campaign with so much enthusiasm and commitment.


16th Aug Briefing1

16th Aug Briefing2

16th Aug Briefing3


Warren then invited all of us to join him for a mass ride to Westminster City Council, 64 Victoria Street, London SW1, in order to sign the Court Summons, to mark the official launch of the legal fight against the bike parking tax. The thousands of motorcyclists, who invaded Golden Square to listen to Warren, then rejoined their bikes en route for Westminster City Council.

The Metropolitan Police kindly closed the whole of Victoria Street to four wheeled traffic, so that the entire road was ours! What a nice treat on a Sunday lunch time to have an entire road dedicated to motorcyclists! Below are a few pictures to give you an idea of the size of the demonstration that invaded Victoria Street, right under the nose of Westminster City Council:-


16th Aug WCC1

16th Aug WCC2

16th Aug WCC3


Once we had parked our bikes, we were invited by Warren to come and sign the Court Summons, to mark the launch of the legal fight declared by the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign against Westminster City Council, for having introduced a bike parking charging strategy illegally, as we were told. Every one of us, one by one, came to sign the Court Summons, which at the end of the demonstration, had thousands of signatures on it! Yes, thousands of people signed, thousands of people, deeply opposed to charging motorbikes and scooters for parking, have officially declared the legal fight against Westminster City Council’s motorcycle parking tax. Below are a few pictures to give you an idea of what the document looked like:-


Page 1

WCC Court Summons1

WCC Court Summons2


Page 2

WCC Court Summons3


Now, let’s have a close look at what exactly this document says:-





And, of course, the job wouldn’t have been completed without asking Westminster City Council for a receipt in exchange for this so important and pretty document:-




All this, in our opinion, reflects the price to pay when politicians have delibarately ignored the views of thousands of members of the public for twelve months, a large proportion of which are the ones who actually elected them in the first place, to serve their interests, needs and wants. Let’s hope that Westminster City Council will learn the lesson for future reference, but in the meantime, the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign is taking them to court.

We would conclude this post by addressing, on behalf of, an enormous thank you to Warren Djanogly and his committee, for the impressive amount of work that they have done to organise this demonstration, and to manage the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign so well. Thanks to their extremely hard work, we hope that £93 million per annum in the UK alone will be saved by motorcyclists, and that this huge amount of money will be used to educate their children, generally improve their way of living and donate to charities in serious need, instead of going into the pocket of politicians, who have no other ambition than promote their own sake. Well done, No To Bike Parking Tax, will support you until this unjustified stealth tax on motorcyclists is fully scrapped!


Please join and support the legal fight to get the bike parking tax in Westminster scrapped before it spreads all over the UK and the European Union. For further details, visit

Soutenez et participez au proces dont le but est de forcer la mairie de Westminster a supprimer la taxe de stationnement des deux-roues avant que le concept ne se propage a travers le Royaume-Uni et l’Union Europeenne. Pour plus d’informations, consultez


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