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Westminster parking warden caught out issuing illegal tickets

October 26, 2009

While surfing the web, we came across a very interesting article, which explains how a Westminster Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) has been issuing illegal Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) to legally parked vehicles, and fabricating false evidence to support the PCNs.

In this particular instance, the car was parked in a bay that only had a thin 10ft high black kerbside pole, with no parking sign attached to it to instruct motorists on how to pay. Parking in that bay could therefore not be charged for.


Illegal PCN 1


Nevertheless, the CEO issued the car with a PCN and took pictures of the vehicle, registration plate and parking ticket.

Illegal PCN 2


He then walked 30 yards, to another bay across the street, took a picture of the parking sign there and…

Illegal PCN 3


… lovely jobly! One more PCN had been issued to an innocent motorist, who had been mislead by Westminster City Council, once again. Is this not absolutely disgusting?

We posted a similar story a few months ago about a motorcyclist who parked their bike on a piece of private land, off the footway, and yet was illegally issued with a PCN. Click here to view the post.

We know very well that CEOs are not entirely responsible for their dishonest behaviour. They are all given PCN targets to meet on a daily basis, and if they don’t meet their target, they don’t get overtime and may lose their job. Issuing parking tickets in Westminster is an entire business on its own, driven by NSL services and Westminster parking services. Our very well respected Nutsville colleagues have recently met with a CEO, who has explained in detail how parking wardens are being treated, it’s just absolutely disgusting, we wouldn’t even treat a dog like this. Click here to view part 1, part 2 and part 3 on the Nutsville website to find out more.

We must confess that would not have been created if Councillor Danny Chalkley and his fellow Conservative colleagues had not imposed a highly unpopular parking tax on motorcyclists in Westminster. It’s never too late to scrap the tax, is it, especially when we have heard that Westminster parking services may be the subject of a major investigation by the District Auditor, following a meeting with the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign committee, scheduled for 3rd November 2009, during which the irregularities and potential breach of EU and Local Government rules on procurement of the Verrus pay by phone parking system and NSL contracts, identified by the campaign, will be discussed.

As the latest mass email from the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign suggests, Westminster parking services can BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID. This may mark the beginning of a legal procedure against Westminster parking services! And all this because Councillor Danny Chalkley has refused to listen to thousands of motorcyclists over the past 14 months, who have all requested him to SCRAP THE BIKE PARKING TAX. This is what happens when a bureaucrate refuses to listen to the people he has been elected to serve.


Source (click to view):-


Halloween demoPlease join and support the legal fight to get the bike parking tax in Westminster scrapped before it spreads all over the UK and the European Union. The next demonstration is on 31st October 2009, don’t miss it! For further details, visit

Soutenez et participez au proces dont le but est de forcer la mairie de Westminster a supprimer la taxe de stationnement des deux-roues avant que le concept ne se propage a travers le Royaume-Uni et l’Union Europeenne. La prochaine manifestation aura lieu le 31 octobre 2009, ne la ratez pas! Pour plus d’informations, consultez

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