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“Death to the bike parking tax” said Halloween!

October 31, 2009

Halloween demoToday was the scene of another enormous demonstration in the Central London Borough of Westminster, against the parking tax imposed on bikers by Conservative Councillor Danny Chalkley, without any proper consultation.

Bikers gathered in Park Lane underground car park at midday, and after a short briefing by Warren Djanogly, chairman of the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign, they all went off to Westminster City Hall, via Hyde Park Corner, Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square.


Halloween Demo 2

Halloween Demo 3


This is the result of Councillor Danny Chalkley, who has refused to listen to thousands of motorcyclists who do not and will not accept to be stealth taxed for parking in Central London. After 14 months of constant campaigning, Chalkley still refuses to admit that his bike parking tax is not wanted, and forces the streets of his Borough to be invaded by thousands of angry and disgusted motorcyclists, who are being used as cash cows to generate more parking revenue for Westminster City Council.

As confirmed to us during the Questions & Answers session of the demonstration outside Westminster City Hall, this tax has got nothing to do with the use of motorbikes and scooters. It has all to do with the Partners in Parking (PiP) scheme, lead by Westminster City Council. Councillor Danny Chalkley has never been so desparate to push through a tax, designed to generate millions of pounds of additional revenue per annum taken from motorcyclists, who are keen to use a mode of transport that reduces road congestion and air pollution. All this man is interested in is boost the council’s parking revenue, through the Verrus technology, in order to “sell” the pay by phone payment method to other councils throughout the United Kingdom, by showing how profitable it is to charge for parking by mobile phone. Because the PiP scheme will look more attractive to other councils if it can generate the highest possible amount of revenue, Chalkley introduced a tax on motorcycle parking, in a pure attempt to top up the parking revenue fund. Any council that joins Westminster on their PiP scheme, will automatically benefit from the Verrus pay by phone technology and its background infrastructure, and thus potentially breach European Union law by not allowing fair competition. So Chalkley’s decision to charge (in fact stealth tax) motorcyclists for parking has got nothing to do with bikes, but rather, is a pure attempt to make the PiP scheme financially more attractive to other councils, and bring even more money to Westminster City Council. Forget about Westminster’s excuses regarding kerb space management, the cost of providing additional parking spaces and introducing security devices for motorcycles, all this is pure spin designed to hide the real reason for the existence of the bike parking tax. It’s all about maximising parking revenue for the PiP scheme, nothing else. This parking charge does not bring any benefits to motorcyclists whatsoever, and this is why it is a pure STEALTH TAX.

It is understandable why Chalkley is so keen to push through his bike parking tax and, therefore, has been ignoring the thousands of objections he has received from motorcyclists and their supporters. By scrapping the tax, the PiP scheme will look less attractive to other councils, but by making it permanent (given that it is currently operating under experimental traffic orders until 4th February 2010), the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign will be given a golden opportunity to undertake a legal challenge for potential breach of European Union and Local Government rules on procurement of the Verrus pay by phone parking system and NSL contracts, thus seriously comproming the whole Westminster’s parking strategy! Does this mean that Councillor Chalkley is now parked in a little corner without knowing what to do? Oh dear, what a horrible position to be in, isn’t it?

The usual Westminster’s attitude that consists of ignoring the public in the hope that they will go away with time has not worked with bikers. The No To Bike Parking Tax campaign, and its circa 7,000 supporters, will not go away until a memorable funeral takes place, that is the one of the bike parking tax!

We now leave you with some more pictures of today’s demonstration which, we hope, has scared the bike parking tax out of Westminster!


Halloween Demo 9

Halloween Demo 8

Halloween Demo 7

Halloween Demo 6

Halloween Demo 10


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