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Westminster Councillor Chalkley desparate to spread his poison

November 5, 2009

We have been made aware of an hillarious note from Westminster Councillor Danny Chalkley, keen to show his colleagues in the London Borough Council of Haringey, how examplary his parking policies have been over the past few years. Chalkley claims to be working for a four-star council, as stated by the Audit Commission, and for this reason, whatever he does is, in his opinion, an example to follow by other councils. But we wonder how long Westminster City Council is going to remain a four-star council, following this week’s meeting between the District Auditor and the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign committee, during which serious concerns over the running of Chalkley’s parking department are to be discussed.

So here are a few examples of Chalkley’s ludicrous parking policies, which may explain why Haringey Council are reluctant to follow the example of Westminster parking services:-

  • The introduction of a highly unpopular and unjustified stealth tax on motorcycle parking has made thousands of motorcyclists demonstrate their disgust in the streets of Westminster every month, thus blocking the roads and causing traffic chaos. Chalkley has been humiliated more than once by thousands of objections to his motorcycle parking policy sent to him, and yet he dares to be surprised by Haringey’s reluctance to implement his parking policies in their Borough.
  • Follow our lead articleChalkley has wasted £15 million worth of taxpayers’ money on a CCTV system that is not fit for purpose. And then, he dares to say to the press that “The DfT’s position is ludicrous and stuck in the dark ages”. But surely, if Chalkley had carried out proper consultation prior to implementing those CCTV cameras, he wouldn’t have wasted £15 million of taxpayers’ money, would he? He has refused to listen to thousands of motorcyclists who have been objecting to his bike parking tax, so we are not surprised that he has also refused to listen to the relevant authorities that may well have been able to advise him on the implementation of CCTV cameras in Westminster.
  • Chalkley’s parking department is heading towards a deficit of £10 million, while blaming an unforeseen reduction in parking tickets by 15%, as a result of a reduced number of road users parking illegally in Westminster.
  • With the millions of pounds wasted from Chalkley’s incompetence, we can understand the reasons why he’s never been so desparate to push through a stealth tax on motorcycle parking, while the use of bikes in London as a greener, cheaper and more reliable mode of transport has never been so popular.
  • Finally, Chalkley is suspected to have introduced a pay by phone parking scheme and awarded a contract to Verrus UK Limited without having gone through the appropriate tendering process, in accordance to European law, that is designed to allow fair competition within the European Union. With the intention of No To Bike Parking Tax campaign to launch a legal fight against Westminster parking services should Chalkley decides to make his bike parking tax permanent, the entire Westminster parking strategy may be put at serious risk.

So when we heard that Chalkley had said “I would have thought that Councillor Haley [of Haringey Council] and his cabinet colleagues could learn a lot from Westminster and he might do well to follow our lead”, we were totally outraged and speech less.


Campaign logoPlease join and support the legal fight to get the bike parking tax in Westminster scrapped before it spreads all over the UK and the European Union. For further details, visit

Soutenez et participez au proces dont le but est de forcer la mairie de Westminster a supprimer la taxe de stationnement des deux-roues avant que le concept ne se propage a travers le Royaume-Uni et l’Union Europeenne. Pour plus d’informations, consultez


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One Comment
  1. Resolution is very important for CCTV especially since the images are going to be used for evidence and form the basis of prosecutions hence the need to regulate them.

    It is inconceivable that having spent £15 million on a CCTV network no future-proofing was included so that the system could evolve as new technologies come along. Speaking as someone in the CCTV industry this would be one of the first things we would look at – making the network future proof to ensure that users can take advantage of new technologies.

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