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Follow our lead, say Toronto!

November 19, 2009

We have made quite a few contacts with Canadian bikers recently, based in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. We absolutely love Canada, it’s such a beautiful and very friendly country, with great cities and a real awareness of environmental issues.

We have been in touch with a few bikers based in Toronto, where motorcycle parking is entirely free of charge. And this, according to our contacts, is the result of on-going fighting to protect the rights of and the benefits brought by motorcyclists to the environment. A Canadian motorcyclist, whether from Ontario, Quebec or British Columbia will always tell you that bikes not only are the solution to congestion issues, but also have an inmense positive impact on the environment. Motorcycles, unlike what Westminster Councillor Susie Burbridge believes (who, by the way, has horrified our readers in Canada), pollute far less than cars, lorries, coaches, trains and buses, and this is exactly why the City of Toronto decided a few years ago to not only make motorcycle parking free of charge everywhere, but also increase the number of parking spaces to meet demand.

Here are a few words from Toronto City Council, which show a great degree of common sense and awareness of the many benefits that motorcycles can bring to the environment:-

“Toronto City Council passed legislation to make motorcycle and scooter parking free. The legislation also called for increasing the amount of parking space available for two-wheeled vehicles. Toronto obviously realized that it did more harm than good to punish those who reduced congestion and emissions in the city”.

This is to be compared with Westminster City Council (London, England) who have failed to recognise the environmental benefits brought by motorcycles, and more importantly, who consider motorcyclists as cash cows, in a pure view to boosting parking revenue to make the Verrus appalling pay by phone parking system more attractive to other councils.

So, our dear Canadian friends, English and French speakers, here are a couple of quotes from Westminster Conservative Councillor Susie Burbridge, which we are sure you will find absolutely shocking:-

“Motorcycles, even small ones, pollute more than Hummers”.

“Who ever said going green would be free. Motorbikes as other vehicles with engines cause pollution, take up road space, have a cost implication, pro rata I believe a higher level of accidents also in town. Being environmentally friendly would be to encourage motorbikers to use more public transport.”

It should be noted that Councillor Burbridge, not only hasn’t got the slightest idea about the benefits of motorcycling, but also, has a Westminster wide free official parking permit to park her polluting Hummer, while she encourages others, including her own residents, to use public transport, as a more environmentally friendly way of moving around London.

We now leave you with another quote from Toronto City Council, which to us, sounds like an example to follow by every single local authority in the world with regards to the use of motorcycles:-

“The City is demonstrating real leadership on this issue. Motorcycles use less space on the road, less space in parking, consume less fuel and produce less emissions. With motorcycle and scooter sales increasing steadily, this decision clearly indicates the City is committed to reducing congestion and pollution. We will work to persuade other jurisdictions to follow Toronto’s lead.”

If only these marvellous Toronto Councillors could fly over to London and persuade these idiots at Westminster City Council, who are treating innocent and peaceful motorcyclists like cash cows! Instead, Westminster Councillor Danny Chalkley is keen to spread his poison everywhere he possibly can.


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