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Bikers are playing musical chairs in Westminster parking bays

January 12, 2010

While walking in the streets of Westminster at lunch time today, we noticed that some motorcycle parking bays were incredibly packed and some others were empty or almost empty. Quite a few of the packed and empty bays that we spotted were quite close to each other, which was making the whole thing rather strange and unusual.

We couldn’t believe for a second that these motorcyclists were keen to park all together, squeeze their bikes in tiny spaces and have them damaged at the end of the day by other bikers trying to force their way in or out.

We subsequently noticed that the bays where bikers parked en masse all had defaced signs and the bays that bikers left empty still had clear and clean signs. The question is how long will these clear and clean signs remain, considering the activities that have been taking place in Westminster lately?


Dorset Square, NW1

Harewood Avenue, NW1

Taunton Place, NW1

Montagu Row, W1


The good news is that the majority of bikers seem to have got the message: a bay with defaced signs is free of charge, as the parking tax is unenforceable if all the details on how to pay are not clearly visible (click here for further details).

The current challenge for a biker wishing to park in Westminster is to find a space in a bay with defaced signs in order to avoid paying the parking tax and contribute to filling up the coffers of the wealthiest Council in Europe.

We wonder how long the signs that we today found clean and clear in the Marylebone and Baker Street areas will remain as such. We can only assume that they have simply been omitted by the “rathboners”.


Please join and support the campaign to stop Westminster Council from stealth taxing motorcyclists to park before their scheme spreads all over the UK and the rest of Europe. For further details, visit

Rejoignez le groupe de manifestants contre le stationnement payant des motocyclistes a Westminster avant que cela ne se propage dans le reste du Royaume-Uni et l’Union Europeenne. Pour plus d’informations, consultez


If you have a story you would like to see published on UK France, please contact us here.

Si vous avez une experience a partager et que vous souhaiteriez voir publiee sur UK France, n’hesitez pas a nous contacter en cliquant ici.

  1. Madonna permalink

    Nice to have free parking again !

  2. Morph permalink

    It’s 1.42am on Thursday morning as I write and I can confirm that after a pleasant evening with some friends in the West End both Taunton Place and Montagu Row have met with the embrace of Captain Rathbone.

    Give it up chalkley.

  3. UK France Bikers permalink

    Thanks for your comments, Morph. While UK France is not involved at all in defacing motorcycle parking signs, we do indeed understand the reasons why some members of the public are doing so. Westminster Council have simply refused to listen to thousands of motorcyclists who legally and peacefully objected to their bike parking tax over the past 18 months, so defacing the parking signs may well be an effective way of making these Conservative bureaucrats understand and realise that stealth taxing for motorcycle parking is not wanted.

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