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Westminster Councillor Danny Chalkley has become a “hate figure”

January 30, 2010

Westminster City Council was yet again the subject of bad publicity yesterday in the West End Extra, which is an independent newspaper distributed to local residents. We were amused to see that Councillor Danny Chalkley was again the driver of this very negative article, with his ludicrous proposal to extend controlled parking hours from 6.30pm to midnight every day (except Sundays, for the moment), in a view to raising revenue and filling Westminster Council’s £22 million hole in its budget.

The bit that really has drawn our attention (and made us laugh) is this:-

“City Hall parking boss Councillor Danny Chalkley, who has become a hate figure for motorists in recent months following a tide of negative publicity for his parking operation, insisted the charges were nothing more than a strategy to tackle congestion”.

Obviously, we quite like the tone of this sentence, which we believe is a very fair reflection of the truth. Councillor Danny Chalkley has effectively become a “hate figure” for road users. He started with pissing off motorcyclists with his bike parking tax, and now he’s pissing off car drivers and the West End business community with his proposed extension of controlled parking hours. What’s interesting though is to see how the same Chalkley had managed to brain wash the Society of London Theatres back in May 2009, when they sent a letter (drafted by Chalkley’s parking department) to the Chairman of the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign to ask him to stop the demonstration at the time against motorcycle parking charges, when now we have heard that the same Society of London Theatres is furious at Chalkley’s latest proposals, which they fear will have a detremental impact on their business.

We wonder who Danny Chalkley has not yet managed to piss off with his continued determination to make parking an enormous source of income for Westminster City Council. Not only did he manage last year to make a profit of £35 million out of his parking operations (although using parking to make revenue is illegal following a 1995 High Court judgement), but he also managed to waste £15 million worth of taxpayers’ money in a failed CCTV system, which didn’t meet the requirements of the DfT’s Traffic Management Act.

What has also amused us in yesterday’s West End Extra article is this:-

“Kevin Goad, Westminster’s head of commissioning for city management, said: (…) We are listening to the views made by all those who would be affected and will consult fully on what are currently just proposals”.

Oh sweet, sweet, sweet, as if we were going to believe him! He has ignored more than 3,000 written objections to the making of permanent Traffic Orders for the motorcycle parking tax and now he’s trying to make us believe that the council will consult fully on their parking extended control hours proposals. Could it be that these public servants have learned the lessons from their experience of the motorcycle parking tax? We pretty much doubt it, they’ll simply ignore whatever the public have to say, and come up with some non-sense spin to hide the truth, that is to rescue a broken council.

Kevin Goad goes on to say: (…) Our final decision will be made in a manner which is totally transparent and open to scrutiny”.

Right, Mr Goad, would you please open and show us the council’s financial books!


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  1. Leaveus alone permalink

    D. Chalkley is giving the whole of Westminster council a very bad name, because of him the reputation of this council is plumetting to news lows, everyone remembers the dame S.Porter scandal but Chalkley is on his way to top the charts !
    You only have to mention this council to anyone in London and watch for their reaction, it is truely shocking !

  2. MrC permalink

    As a motorcyclist I can honestly say I don’t care if the money making scam is extended or not. I simply avoid Westminster whenever I can, this includes theatres. What those Westminster theatres should recognise is that since the introduction of parking fees in Westminster thousands of motorbikers have been doing the same.

    I, in common with others, still commute by bike but, unlike before this tax, I don’t spend any more time in Westminster than I have to. I have supported the the campaign for as long as I have been aware of it so I have stuck fliers on bikes at the weekend but the bays are nearly empty as opposed to being nearly full before the tax. During the week the bays are full as I have even taken time off work to put fliers on motorbikes during the day.

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