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Westminster Tories party on taxpayers in top London venue

February 6, 2010

Westminster Conservative Councillors will be having their annual dinner party on 9th March 2010 at the magnificent five-star Northumberland Hotel in Trafalgar Square, Central London, at a total cost of £23,000.

£23,000 worth of taxpayers’ money spent in an event during which these Tory Councillors will celebrate their success over the past year, including:-

  • £15 million lost by Councillor Danny Chalkley in a failed CCTV system that didn’t meet the department for Transport (DfT) regulations due to lack of prior consultation


  •  £17 million worth of taxpayers’ money put at risk by the Tory decision to invest in now-failed Icelandic Bank Landisbanki, despite the Council’s Treasury Management (Sector) advice on 13th May 2008 that credit ratings agency Fitch had assigned a negative outlook to Landisbanki in terms of its long term A rating


  • £675,000 spent in a parking scheme (Partnerships in Parking), designed to harmonise parking regulations across London, and now under investigation by the European Commission and Office of Fair Trading for potential breach of European and UK law



But of course, with Conservative Danny Chalkley, who has pressed ahead with making his controversial motorcycle parking tax permanent, which generates over £2 million worth of income per annum, and his ludicrous proposals to extend parking control hours from 6.30pm to midnight to generate a further £7 million of income for Westminster Council together with a loss of £70 million for the West-End theatres, Westminster Tory Councillors feel the need to celebrate, at the expense of taxpayers, their great failures and how unpopular they have become.

Westminster Conservative Councillors don’t seem to have an issue with hundreds of redundancies taking place in their own council, due to their incompetence and complete lack of business sense. Chalkley’s recent proposal to extend parking control hours is expected to cause hundreds of redundancies in the theatre industry, and despite this, he will most likely show off and behave like a clown at the forthcoming Westminster Council’s annual dinner party.

The cost of this party, £23,000, could well be the annual salary of a council employee, but instead of keeping that person at work, those Tory Councillors prefer to enjoy themselves in a top London venue.

This Tory dinner party is to contrast with the decision made by the top management of major banks and other organisations to cancel their Christmas parties to cope with the financial crisis but, as usual, Westminster Tories are not considering other people’s opinion and go ahead with their own schedule, no matter how detremental it could be for the public.

It is time that these Tory Councillors in Westminster are voted out of office at the May 2010 local elections, they are simply ruining the finances of a major council and causing misery to thousands of employees, residents, commuters and visitors. And this is what they will be celebrating on 9th March, that is their great ability and desire to put themselves first.


Further reading (click to view):-

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Please join and support the campaign to stop Westminster Council from stealth taxing motorcyclists to park before their scheme spreads all over the UK and the rest of Europe. For further details, visit

Rejoignez le groupe de manifestants contre le stationnement payant des motocyclistes a Westminster avant que cela ne se propage dans le reste du Royaume-Uni et l’Union Europeenne. Pour plus d’informations, consultez


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  1. UK France Bikers permalink

    Les conseillers municipaux du parti conservateur britannique de la mairie de Westminster, dans le centre de Londres, ont decide de depenser 23 000 livres dans l’organisation et le deroulement de leur diner annuel, bien entendu aux frais des contribuables. Ce diner aura lieu au Northumberland Hotel, qui est l’un des hotels les plus prestigieux de la capitale britannique.

    Malgre les erreurs monumentales qui ont ete comises par ces conseillers municipaux conservateurs (a savoir 15 millions de livres perdues dans un systeme de telesurveillance defaillant, £17 millions de livres mises en peril suite aux investissements de la mairie dans des banques icelandaises en faillite, 22 millions de livres de depassement de budget dans l’annee en cours et 675 000 livres depensees dans l’harmonisation des regles de stationnement a Londres alors que la Commission Europeenne et l”Office of Fair Trading” suspectent que la mairie ait viole les lois communautaires et britanniques en vigueur), il a ete decide de depenser 23 000 livres dans l’organisation et le deroulement de ce diner.

    Il ne faut pas oublier que 23 000 livres peuvent correspondre au salaire annuel d’un employe de la mairie, alors que cette derniere a mis 300 personnes a la porte en 2009 faute de fonds pour les payer. 60 personnes supplementaires seront mises au chomage cette annee, selon les sources du parti travailliste.

    Tout ceci est absolument scandaleux, d’autant que pendant que ces conseillers municipaux s’amusent bien, ils proposent d’allonger les heures de controle de stationnement dans Londres jusqu’a minuit afin de generer 7 millions de livres de revenu pour faire face au deficit budgetaire. Ceci au detriment bien entendu des pertes estimees par l’association des theatres de Londres, qui pourraient s’elever a 70 millions de livres, avec toutes les consequences que cela implique (licenciements etc). Danny Chalkley, le conseiller municipal a la tete du stationnement, a egalement decide de taxer les usagers de deux roues motorises pour se garer, alors que ces derniers utilisent un mode de transport qui reduit la pollution et ne cause aucun embouteillage. Il s’agit, selon nous, d’un manque total de bon sens. Cette decision fait l’objet d’une campagne de manifestations (que nous soutenons activement) afin de forcer la mairie de Westminster a supprimer cette taxe qui n’a pas lieu d’etre.

    Il ne nous reste plus qu’a esperer que ces conseillers municipaux conservateurs perdront les elections de la mairie de Westminster qui auront lieu au mois de mai.

  2. Let them eat cake permalink

    Those councillors are spending OUR money eating caviar and crepes Suzettes.
    MP’s expenses, etc rings a bell…..We can not allow this to happen unpunished. This is criminal

  3. Paul Osley permalink

    If this is what we can expect from the Conservative Party if they get into power, then NO THANKS!

  4. the party is OVER permalink

    Lets see them party and spend our hard earned cash while they can, the people will have a chance to remind them what they think of them quite soon. No wonder they are spending money like there is no tomorrow because there is no tomorrow for those greedy b*****s

  5. Phil Randome permalink

    Il me semble que ce dîner de célébration indique à quel point déconnecté de ces mecs sont avides. Il montre aussi l’impertinence du Parti conservateur en ce qui lui permet. Leur temps viendra ………………….!

    It seems to me that this celebratory dinner indicates just how out of touch these greedy people are. It also shows the ‘bare faced cheek’ of the Conservative Party in allowing it. Their time will come …………………!

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