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Bikers gridlocked London for the 5th week in a row

April 7, 2010

Central London was again taken over by angry motorcyclists this morning who gathered in the Trafalgar Square area for the 5th consecutive week to protest at a parking tax imposed on them by Westminster City Council, with no justification whatsoever.

It’s just amazing to see how much chaos and misery bikers can cause by just behaving like car drivers on the roads. It is perfectly legal to ride a motorcycle like you would drive a car, i.e. leave plenty of space between the bike and the vehicle in front and stay stuck in traffic instead of filtering (or lane splitting) in between cars. Councillor Chalkley of Westminster Council has decided to treat motorcycles like cars by charging them to park, so riders have decided to behave like cars and cause massive congestion on the London roads during rush hour, when everyone else was trying to get to work on time. We were amazed to see thousands of commuters stuck on buses and in their cars for hours, while the bikers managed to disappear quickly through the traffic once they had achieved their objective, leaving enormous traffic jams behind.




It is not the first time that motorcyclists gridlocked London and caused enormous traffic jams everywhere, but the 5th week in a row! And the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign is more determined than ever to continue to gridlock London every single Wednesday morning (and sometimes evening) until Westminster City Council scrap their ridiculous and evil motorcycle parking tax. So for those of you who got stuck for hours in traffic this morning, why don’t you write a letter or email to Councillor Danny Chalkley asking him why he imposed a parking tax on motorcyclists without properly consulting them in the first place and why he ignored more than 3,000 public objections to the same tax twice in a row. Unless Chalkley or you make a move, London will be the scene of enormous traffic jams every single week forcing thousands of workers to get to work late and remain stuck in traffic for hours. So the ball is in your court: scrap the tax or scrap the tax-makers!



All this chaos and misery comes at a time when Westminster Councillors, including Chalkley, are campaigning to be re-elected at the forthcoming council elections on 6th May 2010. Would you vote for a bunch of councillors who imposed an unwanted piece of legislation on their electorate without proper consultation and who also ignored thousands of written and official public objections sent to them over an 18 months period? The choice is yours, but bear in mind that those councillors, including Danny Chalkley, are there to serve their own interests first, not yours. They have treated the people who elected them like cash cows instead of listening to their electorate and respond to their needs and wants.

Let’s not forget that this motorcycle parking charge is costing the taxpayer £430,000 per annum, which represents the amount of loss that this stupid scheme generates. And let’s also not forget that Danny Chalkley’s parking department at Westminster Council is currently under investigation by the European Commissioners for potential breach of EU law as a result of encouraging other councils to adopt the Verrus pay-by-phone parking system without following the appropriate tendering process imposed by the European Union. How much is this going to cost the taxpayer? Needless to mention the latest cock-up in the decision made by Westminster to not renew their parking enforcement contract with NSL Services and award it to Mouchel instead without following the legal procedure to do so. The result is that the contract needs to be re-tendered following recent claims made by ACPOA that it was unfairly awarded to Mouchel.

But the bikers are determined to see Chalkley voted out of Westminster City Council on 6th May 2010. We have heard that he was supposed to join Transport for London (TfL) but, unsurprisingly, he isn’t any more. So as a plan B, he has no choice but be a candidate again at the fortcoming Westminster Council elections. On 1st May 2010, thousands of motorcyclists will be demonstrating again in Westminster by handing out leaflets to residents to make them aware of what Chalkley has failed to do in the last four years and why they are strongly advised not to vote for him again. And on 6th May, the same motorcyclists will be handing out more leaflets outside poll stations to remind Westminster residents not to vote for Chalkley.

Oh poor Chalkley! This is what happens when you ignore the public you are paid to serve. It would be so easy to avoid all this bad publicity, all he’s got to do is scrap the bike parking tax.


Please join and support the campaign to stop Westminster Council from stealth taxing motorcyclists to park before their scheme spreads all over the UK and the rest of Europe. For further details, visit

Rejoignez le groupe de manifestants contre le stationnement payant des motocyclistes a Westminster avant que cela ne se propage dans le reste du Royaume-Uni et l’Union Europeenne. Pour plus d’informations, consultez


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  1. Philip permalink

    Bloody excellent! Hats off to you guys, from a US citizen.

  2. Michele permalink

    wow, I wonder whether bikers here in Australia would have the courage to do something like this. Well done for standing against the authorities. Democracy is key!

  3. Momo permalink

    I liked to see all these bendy buses causing so much congestion. Did Boris not say that he would get rid of them? Liar!

  4. Peter J permalink

    As I work on shifts, I went back to Trafalgar Square a good hour after the end of the demo, and there was still a lot of traffic. Well done! Power to the people!

  5. Yamaharider permalink

    Well done to all involved, I am looking forward to next wednesday already.

  6. James permalink

    Well done to the bikers!

    If only more citizens would stand up for their rights, Britain would be a much better place.

    Power to the people!

  7. Phil Randome permalink

    “are there to serve their own interests first, not yours.” This, in recent years, is commonplace in all levels of government and the expenses scandal eminently exemplifies this. Our politicians, when elected, are quick to assume the title of “The Honourable ….” or “The Right Honourable …..” if they are a minister, but in actual fact I can only think of a handful in the last 30 years who can rightfully assume this accolade. I leave it to you readers to draw your on your own wide experience as to the truthfulness or mendacity of those elected/to be elected, be it Westminster CC or central government.
    In my opinion we have only ourselves to blame; we’ve been too compliant in acceeding to whatever our elected Labour Party representatives dictate is good for us & a status quo where no opposition prevails invariably leads to poor government verging on totalitarianism. Evidence of this is around us. It is no suprise therefore that the police have tied up the congestion charge cameras, with petrol station cameras, with motorway cameras, with A road & town cameras to monitor the journeys of 14 million drivers daily. They even photograph the drivers & front seat passengers. £7.2 million has been set aside for satellite monitoring to facilitate future toll road charging. What price privacy ?
    I’m confident that in addition to my age group, my parents would not have allowed this to happen & in many ways their experiences during the 2nd world war have given my generation the innate sense so accurately described in the Fry’s Chocolate Cream advert of yesteryear “One instictively knows when something is right.”
    Westminster Council’s controlling tory group, tenaciously clinging to the bike parking tax, is something that is definitely NOT RIGHT & neither is the central office of the Conservative Party, distancing itself from the debacle despite their promise of curtailing “stealth taxes”. On this dichotomy they’ve been mysteriously quiet & ignored questions I’ve e-mailed & posted to them.
    Let the WMBC & WESC continue with renewed vigour now that the weather & daylight hours are kinder. Bon courage et bonne ténacité !

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