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A group of “tossers” paralysed Central London this morning

April 14, 2010

For the sixth week in a row, Central London was brought to a complete standstill by a large group of motorcyclists angry at a parking tax imposed on them by Westminster City Council, without proper consultation and despite thousands of written objections lodged during the experimental phase of the scheme.


While thousands of commuters got stuck in traffic again for hours this morning, as a result of those motorcyclists legally riding their bike as if they were driving cars, we came across an individual that we had never heard of before. His name is Daniel Hamilton, apparently a Tory councillor somewhere in the United Kingdom, who kept sending insulting tweets all morning to alert the London population that the traffic was “completely paralysed around Trafalgar Square because of some tossers blocking the road in protest at Tory stealth taxes”.

The tossers, in this particular instance, were the bikers who were simply exercising their legal right to protest at a policy that they don’t agree with. Those “tossers”, as described by Daniel Hamilton, have been campaigning for almost two years against Westminster City Council to get the bike parking tax scrapped, but the council has so far refused to listen and gone ahead with making their stupid bike parking tax permanent regardless. While the bikers have lodged a legal case with the High Court, accusing Westminster Council to have illegally imposed a revenue raising motorcycle parking tax designed to discourage the London population from using motorbikes and scooters (which cause zero congestion and very little pollution), motorcyclists have also decided to take radical action every Wednesday morning (and sometimes evening) by bringing Central London to a complete standstill during rush hour.

Daniel Hamilton seems to have been one of the many commuters who got caught in traffic this morning. He was so angry that he presumably decided to release his anger by behaving in a complete unprofessional manner, that is by sending insulting messages on twitter to describe a group of citizens who will be voting at the general elections on 6th May 2010. So we now know that, according to a member of the Conservative Party, motorcyclists are “tossers”. We have heard all sorts of names to describe bikers over the past two years, but never this one. Bikers have been treated of “rogues” by Westminster Tory Councillor Danny Chalkley, simply because they didn’t agree with his motorcycle parking tax, and now they are “tossers” according to Daniel Hamilton, another Tory Councillor of some sort, because they have been exercising their legal right to protest.

Anyway, it sounds like Daniel can expect to get stuck in traffic every single week from now on, until his Westminster colleague Danny Chalkley finally decides to scrap the controversial bike parking tax. So instead of insulting the bikers who, like everyone else, will be voting at the forthcoming general and council elections, Daniel Hamilton should perhaps try to understand why they have been blocking Central London every week. In one of his tweets, Daniel advised that he was opposed to stealth taxes on motorcyclists, so if he’s genuine, why not move his arse and talk to Danny Chalkley? Mr Hamilton must understand that it is precisely by insulting the bikers and not listening to them that they will carry on causing massive disruption on the London roads every week, until their voice is finally heard.

Let’s not forget that Westminster Tory Councillor Danny Chalkley has decided to stealth tax motorcyclists to park while he enjoys the benefit of an official parking permit allowing him to park his car all over Westminster free of charge. So it is only fair that bikers oppose having to stand in the pissing rain with their phone and credit card to pay for parking, while the Conservative fat cats in Westminster City Council are all high and dry in their shofer driven cars with their free parking permits and raking in the cash from parking tickets. Perhaps we should also say that the same Danny Chalkley is making Westminster Council lose £430,000 a year worth of taxpayers’ money with his loss making motorcycle charging scheme. This is something you should know, Mr Hamilton, and there’s a lot more you should know about Westminster’s parking affairs!

Rendez-vous next Wednesday to see Central London brought to a complete standstill again! It’s best to avoid driving in Westminster on Wednesdays.


Please join and support the campaign to stop Westminster Council from stealth taxing motorcyclists to park before their scheme spreads all over the UK and the rest of Europe. For further details, visit

Rejoignez le groupe de manifestants contre le stationnement payant des motocyclistes a Westminster avant que cela ne se propage dans le reste du Royaume-Uni et l’Union Europeenne. Pour plus d’informations, consultez


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  1. Phil Randome permalink

    I wonder if Daniel Hamilton has ever ridden a scooter or motorcycle or even sees them as a solution to traffic congestion in London ? The very same which delayed him ! I doubt it. It certainly illustrates, yet again, the strength of my belief that to get a car licence you should be a P2W rider for two years.

    Je me demande si Daniel Hamilton a jamais monté un scooter/moto ou même les voit comme une solution à la congestion à Londres. La même chose qui lui retardé ! Il illustré sans aucune doute encore une fois la force de ma conviction que, pour obtenir un permis voiture, vous devez être un motard/scootard pendant deux ans.

  2. Peter J permalink

    This is just unbelievable. A politician insulting the public who have voting rights! It’s just shocking. This shows how arrogant some UK politicians are and they need to receive a slap on their face.

  3. Maria permalink

    Daniel Hamilton?! Who is this arrogant and short minded man? A councillor? Bloody hell, he needs to learn the principles of democracy before opening his mouth.

  4. James permalink

    Cllr Daniel Hamilton is a Councillor for Englefield Green East Ward at Runnymede Borough Council in Surrey. He used to be an Assistant Parliamentary Advisor for Nirj Deva MEP.

    It says on the Runnymede Council website: “The Englefield Green Councillors hold a monthly advice surgery for local residents on the second Saturday of each month from 11am to Noon at the Social Hall on Harvest Road. No appointment is necessary.” So if there are any Runnymede motorcycle or moped riders reading this, what do you say, fancy paying him a visit?

    Daniel Hamilton says on his website ( that he is a regular contributor to ConservativeHome’s CentreRight blog, sometimes writes about international affairs for PoliticalBetting and is an occasional contributor to Public Affairs News on European affairs. He also sits on the Executive of Conservative Way Forward.

    Oh yeah, Dan Hamilton is also Head of European Insight at ComRes (Communicate Research Ltd) with London offices in Millbank, which I assume is where he was going to when he got stuck in a traffic jam and decided to become abusive to motorcycle and scooter riders.

    Don’t take your frustration out on the bike riders Mr Daniel Hamilton, take it out on Westminster Council!

    • UK France bikers permalink

      That’s an excellent comment, James. Thank you very much for the information. I’m sure that Daniel Hamilton will have the immense pleasure to deal with the bikers from now on, who he regards as “tossers”. Let’s show him what kind of tossers we are! It sounds like he’s never put his arse on a motorbike or scooter, otherwise he would be a tosser himself, like all of us.

  5. Keith Stirton permalink

    Gordon Brown sacked one of his labourites in Scotland the other day
    for a similar entry on his twitter page by refering to old people as “coffin dogers”
    Perhaps a complaint to David Cameron at this time to would work wonders, and maybe a bit of coverage from the media .

  6. Phil Randome permalink

    I read “The Bald Eagle” was warned by police during the 7th WMBC that he was committing an offence under section 5 of the Public Order Act by wearing a high viz vest with slogans printed on it. The vest read as follows :- Rogue
    Bully Boy
    which members of the NoToBikeParkingTax will know are insults levelled at P2W riders by sundry Conservative councillors & latterly Daniel Hamilton. “Tosser”, it appears, was the word the police sergeant took exception to. But then again it’s alright if politicians call constituents offensive names, the widow Gillian Duffy for example, but not if they’re used back at them. Why didn’t a local police sergeant threaten Gordon Brown with arrest after he was heard, nationwide, calling her a bigoted woman ? If the press crush outside Mrs Duffy’s house wasn’t a Public Order issue then I don’t know what is.
    An interesting & amusing thought passed through my mind as Gordon Brown was leaving Mrs Duffy’s home with that contented grin on his face ……..Il est allé voir la Veuve Poignet !
    I’ve written it in french in case I give offence !

    Pardon, je suis désolé mais trop fatigué de faire un traduction. Prochaine fois.

  7. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. 🙂

  8. Hi there I like your post

  9. cactus permalink

    you only have to look at the three first letters in the party’s name CON that tells you everything…

  10. Phil Randome permalink

    Since James’ post above Daniel Hamilton now works for the organization “Big Brother Watch” which campaigns against CCTV, the laissez-faire approach shown by government on citizen’s privacy & the banks of computer records being built by the police et al.
    This would seem to be inconsistent with his roles as a Conservative “gofor” & local govt., councillor. Aren’t councils the ones responsible for installing CCTV, speed cameras & computer chips on dustbins. I wonder what was in the mind of Alex Deane the CEO of “Big Bother Watch” when he made this appointment. What price sincerity ?

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