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1,000 motorcyclists protest at Westminster bike parking tax again

May 1, 2010


One thousand bikers took over the streets of Westminster (Central London) again today in protest at a parking tax imposed on them, despite 3,000+ objections lodged twice in a row with Westminster City Council.

This time, the agenda was slightly different from that of the previous demonstrations organised by the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign. The primary objective of this morning’s protest was to leaflet the ward of the leader of Westminster City Council, Colin Barrow, to advise residents not to vote for him next Thursday (6th May 2010) at the local council elections. Residents were advised, if their intention was to vote Conservative, to vote for the other two Tory candidates (Jean-Paul Floru or Heather Acton) in the Hyde Park ward. Colin Barrow is believed to have made a few grave mistakes in his role of leader of Westminster City Council during the last couple of years. Among other cock-ups, he oversaw £17 million worth of taxpayers’ money invested in now failed Icelandic Banks, £15 million invested in a CCTV system that failed to meet the DfT guidelines, which has cost the taxpayer £1 million to upgrade, and a total £22 million budget overspend for the whole of Westminster City Council.

Ironically, protestors didn’t seem to have to make much of an effort to distribute the leaflets, as many residents had heard of Colin Barrow before, and a significant number of them appeared to be already aware of his cock-ups. Thousands of leaflets were left on car windscreens, in letter boxes, shop windows, restaurants, bars and so on. Poor Colin Barrow, if only he had listened to the thousands of bikers who protested at his motorcycle parking tax and then scrapped it, his grave cock-ups wouldn’t have been made public in such an open manner. This is what happens when you decide to ignore the people who elected you to serve them. They just give you a hard time when come the elections.

Before visiting Colin Barrow’s ward, the bikers gridlocked the Marble Arch roundabout, causing enormous traffic jams everywhere. It was amazing to see the long queues of cars, buses and lorries stuck for hours on Park Lane, Oxford Street, Edgware Road and Bayswater Road, all this because of Councillor Colin Barrow who agreed to attack the bikers by treating them like cash cows.


1,000 bikers gridlock Marble Arch roundabout

Surely, if Barrow had known about the massive campaign that was going to come his way before supporting this ridiculous stealth tax on the most efficient and congestion-free mode of transport, he would probably not have touched it with a barge pole. But, unfortunately, it is now too late. He refused to listen for 18 months, so he now has to face the consequences of his decision. We are confident that any other council in the UK that even thinks about introducing a charge on motorcycle parking will see the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign coming their way and causing mayhem in their borough.

Anyway, the most exciting piece of news that we heard this morning was the confirmation that the complaint lodged by the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign with the High Court of Justice against Westminster City Council will be heard during week commencing 21st June 2010. Some devastating news could be announced to Westminster City Council during that week, if their bike parking tax is considered by the High Court to be illegal. So perhaps, the council may want to reconsider the future of its bike parking charge during the month of May 2010, because not only the authority will be taken to the High Court in June but also, we are told that the weekly gridlock (also known as the Westminster Morning Breakfast Club or the Wednesday Evening Supper Club), caused by the bikers and bringing Central London to a standstill during rush hour, may well be taking place on a daily basis, instead of just once a week.

This coming Wednesday (5th May 2010) will see Central London brought to a standstill again twice by the bikers during rush hour (morning and evening), after which they will visit Councillor Danny Chalkley’s ward (Head of Parking at Westminster City Council) and distribute leaflets all over advising residents not to vote for him at the local elections on the following day. We are amused to note that Councillor Chalkley is a candidate for re-election although we have heard that he was supposed to join TfL to work with Boris Johnson. So it sounds like it’s not only the bikers who don’t like Chalkley!


More information on Tory candidate Colin Barrow is available by clicking on





Please join and support the campaign to stop Westminster Council from stealth taxing motorcyclists to park before their scheme spreads all over the UK and the rest of Europe. For further details, visit

Rejoignez le groupe de manifestants contre le stationnement payant des motocyclistes a Westminster avant que cela ne se propage dans le reste du Royaume-Uni et l’Union Europeenne. Pour plus d’informations, consultez


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  1. 2bikers permalink

    Many residents didn’t seem to be surprised at the revelations about the “leader of the council”. After the MP’s expenses scandals they expect some of the councillors to be in the same boat……and we are opening their eyes to the wrondoings of these Westminster city council councillors.
    The 2000 leaflets were used in no time, mission acomplished !

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