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Boris threatens the bikers to shut access to bus lanes

June 2, 2010

While the bikers were this morning exercising their democratic right to protest at a parking tax imposed on them by Westminster City Council, the Conservative Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who was cycling around the traffic chaos delibarately caused by motorcyclists, advised that if these daily protests were to continue, he would shut bus lane access to the bikers.

Oh well, this is not surprising considering how democratically the Conservative boys in London have behaved recently. With Councillor Danny Chalkley (former Cabinet member for Parking and Transportation at Westminster City Council), who made his bike parking tax permanent despite thousands of written and official objections, and now Boris Johnson threatening the bikers to shut bus lane access next month, we are now left with potentially two battles to deal with.

What Boris doesn’t realise is that by closing bus lane access to the bikers, he will end up seeing even more motorcycle protests in Central London, bringing the capital to a complete standstill. For the past eleven weeks or so, the bikers have proved that in less than five minutes, they can legally cause complete chaos on the roads by riding their motorbikes and scooters as if they were driving cars. By choosing not to filter through the traffic, each bike takes the space of one car and delibarately remains stationary like cars do in traffic jams.

We very well know that these “treat us like cars and we’ll behave like cars” protests, which are now taking place every single business day in Central London, cause major concern to the local authorities, particularly TfL and Westminster City Council. But instead of scraping these protests by scraping the bike parking tax, the same authorities believe that they can intimidate the bikers by coming up with dirty tricks such as threats or wasting public money with false emergency alerts. How wrong are they!

The reality is that the now daily bike protests are becoming very well attended, with more and more bikers joining the fun. The bad, or good news depending on where you stand, is that if Boris decides to scrap bike access to bus lanes next month, he’s likely to see the roads of London totally blocked for months to come. Could he end up, like his predecessor Ken Livingstone, losing his job partly because he didn’t allow motorcyclists to use bus lanes? Let’s remind ourselves that the whole point of having bus lanes open to motorcycles is to protect riders’ safety on the roads, so does Boris now want to compromise this and put the life of bikers in danger? Let’s hope not…

Anyway, here’s a little video of Boris’ latest threats. If bikes are treated like cars, they will behave like cars!


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  1. Well that didn’t take long. Tories in power and the democratic and legal right to protest results in a threat from the Mayor of London to remove motorcycles from bus lanes.

    Democracy in action. Any free thinking person has to be disgusted at this threat.

  2. john permalink

    tell boris to stick the bus lane up his a..
    we need the parking free first

  3. 1frog permalink

    Boris should try his very best to get this anti bike legislation overturned and talk to his “pals” at Westminster city council before it escalates even further.
    Bikers will not give up until the tax is scrapped. Take some of these bus lanes away from us and he will have 120000 bikers and scooterers to deal with on the demos.

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