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100,000 angry bikers bring the French government to submission

October 12, 2011

Those of you who read or subscribe to this site will have been informed of the enormous protests that took place all over France in March, June and September this year, gathering up to 100,000 bikers and bringing the whole nation to a complete standstill (click here and here for further details). The angry bikers demonstrated their anger at the French government who have to date failed to make traffic filtering (lane splitting) legal in France and proposed to force all motorcyclists to wear high visibility fluorescent vests in an unfounded attempt to reduce the number of accidents on the roads and obviously fine as many bikers as possible who may fail to wear such vest.

Bringing France to a complete standstill three times this year has obviously not been very well perceived by the French authorities who now fear that if they continue to treat motorbikes and scooters like cars, they will see the country brought to a complete standstill many times again by thousands upon thousands of angry bikers. On three occasions this year, all cities and towns nationwide were blocked for hours by up to 100,000 bikers who expressed their disgust at their government’s continued attitude to treat bikers like cash cows by imposing on them the same measures as on cars, lorries, buses and coaches.

Claude Guéant, French interior minister, has today, unsurprisingly, decided to change his attitude towards the bikers and is now proposing to make traffic filtering (lane splitting) for motorbikes and scooters legal in France within the next few months. This is a clear victory for the angry bikers who, by demonstrating en masse and blocking the whole nation three times this year, have succeeded in bringing their government to submission. The exact date when traffic filtering will become legal in France is yet to be announced, but we are pleased to see that Claude Guéant has finally decided to listen to the bikers, although it is regrettable to note that the same bikers have had to use draconian measures to make their voice heard because of a deaf and narrow minded government.

Guéant still appears to be a little reluctant to abandon his plans to force all bikers to wear high visibility material. Although he is now saying that the use of a high visibility vest may not be compulsory, he still requires all bikers to wear some kind of high visibility material (such as a strap around the arm for instance), but he now appears to be prepared to discuss with the bikers.

We very well know that Guéant had better make sure that he keeps his promises if he doesn’t want to see the whole of France brought to a complete standstill again by Christmas and by up to 100,000 bikers. He’d better make traffic filtering legal in France at his earliest opportunity and scrap his plans for the compulsory wear of high visibility material as soon as possible if he is not to upset the bikers again.

UK France would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the Fédération Française des Motards en Colère (FFMC – French Federation of Angry Bikers) for their amazing tenacity and dedication in defending and protecting the rights of all bikers in France.

Further reading (in French) – Derniere minute: le ministre de l’interieur favorable a la circulation interfile


If you’re based in France and want to take part of the fight against the Government’s proposed introduction of a compulsory annual environmental and road safety test for motorcycles and their continued policy to ban motorcyclists from filtering through traffic, then contact the Fédération Française des Motards en Colère (FFMC – French Federation of Angry Bikers).

Si vous habitez en France et souhaitez participer aux manifestations contre la proposition du gouvernement d’introduire un controle technique pour les 2 roues motorises ansi que de continuer a empecher la circulation inter files pour les motocyclistes dans les embouteillages, contactez la Fédération Française des Motards en Colère (FFMC).


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  1. ann gardiner permalink

    well done all….people power!!!!

  2. Phil Randome permalink

    Bien fait. Le motard/scootard en Angleterre, il est paresseux et ne defend pas son bifteck. Quand les droits d’un motard son cassé ou les régles changé sans consultation Il rouspétera mais fera rien. Autrement en France les motards se serrent les coudes contre une menace commune. Chouette ! ça s’arrose.

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