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5th November 2010 – bikers and cabbies join forces in the fight against Westminster City Council’s parking policies

Hundreds of bikers and taxi drivers assembled outside Westminster City Council to express their grievance at the council’s money grabbing road traffic policies. Protestors were all wearing a V mask in the darkness and put a banner that said [Westminster Council] “we are watching you!” to remind councillors that the longer they carry on with their unwanted road traffic policies in Central London, the longer protestors will continue to investigate the irregularities of the council’s parking and enforcement contracts and report them to the relevant authorities for further investigation (EU Commissioners, UK High Court etc). The fight against Westminster Council continues and will not stop until the council scraps the bike parking tax and meets the cabbies’ demands.


Demonstration – 1st May 2010

1,000 motorcyclists gridlock Marble Arch roundabout and descend on to Colin Barrow’s ward to leaflet every shop, letter box, restaurant, cafe etc saying DON’T VOTE FOR COLIN BARROW – why? Visit


Demonstration – 4th February 2010

Hundreds of bikers bring Central London to a halt in less than 15 minutes!


Westminster Parking Christmas Party


7th December 2009 demonstration – Bikers demand a public inquiry against Westminster City Council and Partnerships in Parking (PiP)

Below is a video of the demonstration that took place on 7th December 2009 during which thousands of motorcyclists, opposed to being stealth taxed for parking, demanded a public inquiry against Westminster City Council and their Partnerships in Parking (PiP) scheme, which is accused to illegally attract other councils to adopt Westminster’s parking infrastructure, including the Verrus pay-by-phone technology, which was introduced without an appropriate tendering process, in accordance with European Union law. In addtion to watching the below video, you can find more details by clicking here.


31st October 2009 demonstration – “Scare the tax out of WestmOnster!”

Below is the video of the latest demonstration (published on that took place on Halloween day, 31st October 2009. Since it was Halloween, the theme of the protest was “Scare the tax out of WestmOnster!”. Many protestors dressed up for the occasion and decorated their bike to scare the tax! The video includes some important questions and answers, which we highly recommend you watch, in order to gain a good understanding of the grounds on which the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign is now working to get this tax fully scrapped. You can also read our post about this demonstration, which contains some photos, by clicking here.


30th September 2009 demonstration – “Chalkley, Chalkley, Chalkley, OUT, OUT, OUT!”

Below is the video of the latest demonstration (published on that took place on 30th September 2009. The purpose of the demonstration was to advise as many residents of Vincent Square as possible not to vote for Councillor Danny Chalkley at the next Westminster local elections and let them know the reasons why. Protestors distributed leaflets all over the area, including by hand,  in letter boxes, and on parked cars. You can watch the video below and read our post covering this particular demonstration by clicking here.


Westminster City Council – All they wanna do is take your money

Below is our favourite video, posted on, which very well describes Westminster City Council’s motorcycle parking strategy:-

Below is the explanation for the video, which we picked up from

In August 2008, Westminster City Council introduced a tax to park a motorbike or scooter on the streets. Despite receiving over 4000 objections to the tax, they want to make the tax permanent, as they have raised over 4 million pounds from it so far. The councillors have lied on camera and in emails. They have altered the figures on surveys and now refuse to even reply to any of the residents of Westminster who want to question them. They have tried their best to silence us, even using public money to run a smear campaign against us. They have tried to get us to stop protesting on the streets, they want us to just go away. The tax was brought in illegally, and the American supplied pay by phone technology does not work for motorcyclists. Westminster Councillor Danny Chalkley wants to sell the Verus Pay By Phone system on to other councils around the United Kingdom. Westminster have already set up limited companies to do this. One way or another, Westminster City Council must be stopped.

The campaign’s website is at After the council closed down the campaign’s official forum with legal threats, another one was set up at If you ride a motorbike or a scooter in the United Kingdom or the rest of the European Union, you must join the campaign, or pay a parking tax forever.

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